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Why I find posts about Guruji’s death triggering

Ever since Guruji died, I have dreaded the end of August. In the same way as I remember where I was when Elvis died (in the car on way to the airport for a family trip to Surfers… Read More


My Interrupted Pre-Season (AKA my break from practice)

I know right? Who’d have thought? Secretly though, there was a small part of me looking forward to a few weeks loosening the grip on the daily routine, discipline and time consuming practice that takes up hours of… Read More


Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Yoga

There’s an album by 80’s American hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys called Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death. For years I sold this album to stores in my capacity as a record company sales rep, so maybe… Read More


Looking after the conditions around our practice

A student who was struggling with their home practice reached out to me this week. I love it when students do this. It shows that they are on the path, and not afraid to ask for help. All… Read More


Yoga Practice as Object

Someone I met recently asked me, “Do you ever get bored with your yoga practice?”. “Yeah, sure” I answered. But what I didn’t say was that at times, as well as boredom, there can be frustration, fear, infatuation,… Read More

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Yoga and social media

Without doubt the biggest struggle I have as a yogi is finding the balance between my practice, running a studio and small business, and teaching classes. Not only do we juggle these roles, but we deal with a… Read More


Yoga Practice & Menstruation

MENSTRUATION & YOGA PRACTICE From an early age, we discover there is apparently something embarrassing about menstruation. As young girls, we talk about it in whispers. As women, we buy tampons from the supermarket and quickly sweep them… Read More


Yoga practice & the perfect mat

Over the years, I’ve learnt that waiting for the perfect conditions to start our yoga practice is like waiting for Godot: it’s never going to happen. But does the mat we work on really matter? At Yogaville, we… Read More