Workshops / Intensives


Early Morning Intensives

NEXT INTENSIVE JUNE 12,13 & 14 2019

You don’t have to be a super skilled yogi, just keen, open to new experiences and have a willingness to learn in a supportive group environment. The more we attend intensives, the more we can develop our intuition, trust and perception in our own practice. Our understanding and level of maturity as a practitioner can really grow.

Intensives are also an excellent way of consolidating your work in class and provide a great injection of momentum for establishing or continuing a home practice.

The sacrifices and negotiations we all need to make in order to attend a 3 day morning intensive are well worth the effort. Those loved ones, friends and employers who give us the flexibility and space to continue our yoga endeavours play a very important role in the support structures around our practice. It's important we acknowledge this.

Suitable for Level 1 & Level 2 students (minimum 9 months Yoga).