Yoga Class Levels & Fees

Class Levels:

Foundations Of Iyengar Yoga is the place to start! Our foundation yoga class is for absolute beginners, those new to the Iyengar Yoga style and those with only a little yoga experience. We teach a sequential yoga course starting at the very beginning. We build understanding week-by-week. This course covers basic standing asana (yoga postures), sitting, forward bends, twists & basic backbends.

Level 1 (Consolidating / Intermediate) builds on the learning commenced in Beginners Yoga. It covers a much broader range of asana than beginners, and so students typically spend more time in this level (say 1-2 years). In Level 1 we continue to develop our ability to perceive sensation in our bodies as we as work on building understanding of how a consistent method and approach moves us forward. As a result, strength, flexibility, mental clarity and penetration are improved as we prepare the body and mind for more demanding work. For those who have completed at least one FULL Iyengar yoga basics course. Not for absolute beginners or those without Iyengar Yoga experience.

Level 2 (Experienced Intermediate) includes teaching of yoga asana to challenge and deepen your practice (such as full inversions like headstand and more demanding backbends). However we recognise this is a process, and we work with where you are. More detailed pranayama (breath work) is also taught. Level 2 seeks to move our yogic understanding to a greater level via more demanding asana work. We use this as a platform for deepening our level of inquiry and self reflection. In Level 2, we acknowledge that coming to one 1.5 hour class once a week is not really enough to sustain the level required. There is an expectation that you attend class at least twice a week where possible and / or have the commitment to the beginnings of a home practice. Your teachers will be happy to guide you with any questions you have in regards to this.

Level 3 (Experienced Practitioner) This is a 2 hour class. A minimum of 4 years practice in the Iyengar Method is required, with a commitment to establishing a home practice. You should be able to hold Sirsasana independently for a minimum of 5 minutes (or know how to manage an alternative) and be able to adjust your own practice whilst menstruating. There is an there is an expectation that you are committed to learning the names of the asanas in Sanskrit, and that you attend class at least twice a week where possible. This level is for students willing to challenge themselves & deepen ownership of their own practice.  Please check in with Bron before enrolling.

50+ Yoga Class  Just like our regular classes but specifically tailored for *ahem* the more mature body. You’ll still get to do all the regular asanas (yoga postures) but in a way that is a bit more supported and honours the changes our bodies go through as they age.

Open Level Classes are suitable for anyone except new Beginners.

Community Classes are suitable for anyone.

Personal Practice The studio is open for to engage in your personal practice having access to all the studio facilities and props. Whilst sometimes a teacher or teacher trainee may be on hand, they will not be directing your time at the studio.  You need to be self-reliant but there are sequences available for you to follow if needed. Open practice is not a class, students practice on their own independently. Please observe all studio standard etiquette during these sessions including leaving the space swept and clean and tidy. Minimum 9 months Iyengar Yoga is required. $5 members / $10 non-members.

Pranayama Classes This Pranayama class introduces a process and culture to establish a place from which we can learn pranayama. Before we begin Pranayama we have an obligation as practitioners to first have a body of asana work to build off, so this class is suitable for those with 12 months or more continuous Iyengar Yoga experience. It not suitable for beginners.

Casual classes No bookings required, just turn up. CASH ONLY at the studio.
Early Morning Intensives Suitable for Level 1 & Level 2 students with a minimum of 6 months Iyengar Yoga (unless otherwise indicated).


Fees are to be paid in full by the commencement of each course and are not refundable or transferable.
10 Week Courses : $230 full / $215 concession (valid ID required). 1 course a week.
OR for multiple classes per week, purchase an Unlimited Class Membership for $45 a week (charged monthly FIND OUT MORE
Casual Classes : $27 Full / $24 concession (valid ID required) cash only. For those not enrolled in a current Yogaville course. No Bookings required, just turn up.
Extra Classes for course students : $20 cash for any extra class for existing Yogaville students already enrolled in a course. No bookings required, just turn up. (Excludes Pranyama & Inversions. Full price applies. Open practice $5 members / $10 non-members)
3 Day Early Morning Intensives : $170 members / $150 non-members. Suitable for Level 1 & Level 2 students with a minimum of 6 months yoga.
1 Hour Private Session : $125 (with Bron). Plus credit card fees if applicable.
Workplace Yoga : We run workplace yoga sessions either for your group at our beautiful studio, or we can come to you. Price on application.
Financial Hardship Policy : If you are going through some tough financial times & can’t pay full price and need to negotiate a payment plan or reduced rate but you really want to come to yoga, please give us a call. We have a financial hardship scheme for dedicated students who are unable to afford to pay the going rate. Talk to us, we’ll try and work something out for you. We REALLY want to share our love of yoga!

2019 Term dates:

Term 1  Jan 28 – April 7 (10 weeks) $230
Term 2  April 22 – June 30 (10 weeks) $230
Term 3  July 15 – September 22 (10 weeks) $230
Term 4  October 7 – December 22 (11 weeks) $250

Coming to class:

Allow 3 hours after a meal before coming to class.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the starting time. The studio will open 15 mins only before each class.

When you book online, you will be required to fill out a medical information section where you need to detail any injuries or other medical conditions. It is important to let the teacher know prior to each class of any medical concerns or injuries etc that might be affecting your practice on that day (even if you have written them down previously). Also let your teacher know if you are menstruating.

All information is treated in confidence. Please feel free to discuss any condition in further detail by phoning us prior to attending class.

All mats and equipment are provided so just bring yourself!

Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in. Footless tights or shorts are great. Baggy pants are not really recommended as we like to see your knees and ankles! Dressing in layers is great as you will warm up and cool down. The studio has a/c and a ceiling fan.

Drink up before you come and after you leave but it’s best not to bring a drink bottle with you in to the yoga room as drinking whilst practicing can interfere with the yoga process.

Shoes are removed directly upon entering the studio and should not be worn at all in the yoga space.


Cancellation policy

Classes & courses at Yogaville are non-refundable and non-transferable except in cases where a genuine medical reason for doing so exists in which case at the discretion of Yogaville, from the date notified, a credit may be given for some unused classes to be transferred to the following term, less a $20 admin fee.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

0407 811 148 or