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Group Sitting Meditation

One of our teaching colleagues Aya Tagami, has approached Yogaville & is organising a group meditation sitting with any others who might like to practise insight meditation together regularly. This is not a meditation class but an opportunity to meet together to support each other to keep up our meditation practice. Aya practises Vipassana meditation and is a regular student of Lynne Bousfield – who many of you will know from her visits to teach Vipassana meditation at Yogaville.

Dates & Times:
On Hold until September
30 mins sitting, 30 mins walking, 30 mins sitting. No instruction given

Cost for the sessions is by donation via the practice of Dana.
Dana means generosity, the practice of giving without holding back or expecting any return. Giving liberates through the lessening of attachment and the deepening of kindness. Dana is one of the beautiful states of mind. It directly functions to open up and free the mind from its typically narrow perspective of self-interest.  When we practise generosity mindfully not only do we express our gratitude happily, we also intentionally develop awareness, understanding and non-attachment.  Dana therefore is a subtle and sophisticated interchange that requires sensitivity, intent and awareness (for example of how the responsibility for costs and expenses associated with the teachings and practise of meditation is met).  No amount can be prescribed as dana - it is your gift.

Anyone who is interested or has questions, please contact Aya at

Bookings are not required, you can just turn up. Please be on time and set up to begin each session at 4pm. The studio will be open 15 mins prior.

Retreat With Natalie & Janine Murphy

Natalie and her sister Janine (also a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher) are running a weekend winter yoga retreat in Bright,  August 10-12. For more details you can contact Natalie on 0419 385 034 or Janine 0400 240 883