Bronwyn Rust (she/her)

Bronwyn is a Level 3 Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and a registered Teacher Trainer and Assessor with Iyengar Yoga Australia. Bron began yoga as a teenager, is the director & principal teacher at Yogaville and a local resident of the inner North for over 30 years. She has been teaching for almost 2 decades.

One of the things Bron loves most about Yoga is its ever evolving nature & that there is no end. She truly believes that no matter where we are in our lives, yoga always has something to offer us. Yoga can help us to learn who we really are and with sustained effort through the practice, uncover the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Bron’s wish for all her students is for them to be able to develop an intuitive and creative practice. She has studied in Pune, India directly with the Iyengar family many times.

Bron finds inspiration for her teaching from daily life. She still has a strong interest in music, having worked for many years for an independent record label. When not teaching or practicing yoga, you’ll find her travelling, in the ocean, walking in nature, watching sport(!) or hanging out at home with her partner, kids & cats.

 Samantha Williams

Sam started her yoga journey in 2001 after the birth of her first child. Initially yoga provided an opportunity to have a break and reconnect with self.  Over time the physical, mental and emotional benefits revealed themselves, bringing the possibility of balance and understanding to all aspects of life.

Inspired by the benefits of yoga, Sam began Teacher Training in late 2017 with the intention of helping others to discover the gifts yoga has to share.

As well as her passion for yoga practice, Sam also enjoys her family’s small country property, growing garlic and herbal teas, tending animals and spending time with her partner and kids.

Sam is a Level 1 certified Iyengar Yoga teacher

Fiona Tinney (she/her)

Fiona began to explore and practice yoga more than 20 years ago as a respite from the juggle of young children and paid work and following major surgery. At that time yoga provided an opportunity to focus on strengthening and healing physically as well as a window to quieten and calm the mind.
Teaching yoga has allowed Fiona to work with others and deepen her understanding of the process and impact of Iyengar yoga.

Fiona has been fortunate to visit the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India on a number of occasions and benefit from the teachings of the Iyengar family including, Mr Iyengar, his children Geeta and Prashant and granddaughter Abhijata.

Fiona is a Level 1 Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

Jo Hedt

Jo first dipped her toe into the world of Iyengar yoga in the 90’s on recommendation for a chronic back issue. After many years as a dedicated student practitioner Jo took a deep dive into Teacher Training, travelled to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar Family in 2018.   Having experienced many physical setbacks, Jo is living proof, that no matter your situation, yoga supports, nurtures and heals, and with care and dedication, it’s many gifts and secrets will be revealed.  Jo is a natural therapist and meditation facilitator. Her other loves are live music, singing in the Feel Good Choir, and quietly planning a worldwide revolution through yoga.   Jo is a Level 1 certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher  

Nina Poelsma

Nina began Iyengar yoga classes as a teenager and quickly realised the benefits of practicing yoga, and so it became a constant in her life.

Over the years it has helped bring calm, strength and joy to many situations. Recently Nina has begun teacher training to deepen her knowledge of yoga and gain the chance to share her passion for it’s benefits with others.

Outside of yoga, Nina revels in her other passions; her jewellery business, spending time camping, dancing and having fun with her young kids as well as swimming, cycling and spending as much time in nature as possible.

Nina is currently undertaking Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training as part of Yogaville’s in house program with senior teacher Bronwyn Rust.


Flora Karanikos

Flora’s yoga journey started almost 20 years ago in her late 30s whilst raising children and running a cake business.  It was a way to come back to ‘the self’  or ‘check in’. Now it continues to be an anchor to more self discovery.

The Iyengar practice relationship has been pivotal in understanding yoga asana and philosophy at a deeper level.  This supported style of yoga became crucial to healing an unwell phase of her life, both on an emotional and physical level. It has a therapeutic aspect to it that she continues to explore.

Her decision to partake in the teacher training was to not only deepen her practice, but to fulfil and an underlying urge to share what this wonderful modality has to offer to others. She is grateful for being given the opportunity to continue to learn and to pay it forward. Off the mat she helps her partner run a local eatery and enjoys spending time with grandchildren, family and friends.

Flora is currently undertaking Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training as part of Yogaville’s in house program with Senior Teacher Bronwyn Rust